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Coronavirus COVID-19

Aston Clinton Parish Council Coronavirus COVID-19

During these exceptional times, we will do our best to ensure that our services to the community continue as best we can, whilst protecting the public, our staff and volunteers' well-being and safety.  We fully support the Government's directives, and would hope that we can all 'do our bit' to help ease the pressure on our wonderful NHS and all public services.


COVID-19 VACCINATION PROGRAMME ROLLED OUT IN BUCKINGHAMSHIRE:   The COVID-19 vaccination programme has been rolled out in Buckinghamshire, please use the following link to find out current information about the programme, appointment procedures etc.  The information is regularly updated by Buckinghamshire Council.

COVID-19 WINTER SUPPORT WITH FOOD & HOUSEHOLD COSTS:    Buckinghamshire Council is offering help to residents who may be struggling with household and food costs, use the following link to find out current information and details on how to apply.



Government guidance/information on Coronavirus COVID-19:   All aspects are covered on the Government website, please visit the link below for up to date information:

NHS information service on Coronavirus:  useful and updated information on symptoms, prevention, etc.

New Buckinghamshire Council: information and changes to services, and updates.

New Buckinghamshire Council: information on help groups outside our village, updated by BC. 

OTHER HELPFUL ORGANISATIONS:   A community support group (Aston Clinton Community Support Group) has been set up within the village by members of the Parish Council and St. Michael’s Church to assist the needy and vulnerable within Aston Clinton at this difficult time.  The group publishes updates and useful information on Facebook, look for the group 'Aston Clinton COVID-19 Support Group' or follow the link:  Their leaflets have been delivered to all homes within the village, as below.


Aston Clinton Parish Council Coronavirus COVID-19