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New Community Centre


Our new community centre for Aston Clinton is called the Red Kite Pavilion.  The building is now completed and we hope that this will be a wonderful new facility for everyone to enjoy.   Opening times and facilities are still a little limited due to the Covid-19 restrictions but we are hopeful that by the summer, the Pavilion will be fully open.

If you're interested in finding out more about the facilities available, or, to hire a meeting room please contact Your Café in the Park, who are managing the bookings.

Facebook:  @yourcafeinthepark



Work began on the new Community Centre with the demolition of the existing old building in November 2019, and the project is being led by a  dedicated committee of councillors, staff and members of the public with relevant expertise.  Construction works started on the new building following the demolition, and are on target to complete in November 2020, although slight delays have been suffered as a result of poor winter weather, and the Coronavirus pandemic.  

The parish council is very pleased to announce that AVDC's New Homes Bonus scheme has awarded a grant of up to £650,000 towards the Community Centre, and this is a grant paid by central government to local councils, to reflect housing growth in their areas. The parish council is delighted that this project will provide residents with a modern and fit-for-purpose facility to bring a diverse range of people and groups together and to meet the demands of Aston Clinton’s growing community. In addition, the project has been allocated over £1m in contributions from developers, (S106 funding).

Public consultation events were held leading up to the application deadline and the results were unanimously in favour of the new Centre and of the designs on display.  The two-storey design will house the current café and soft play on the ground floor as well as a dividable large multi-purpose hall, and accommodation for various sports and activities with up-to-date showers and changing rooms. The first floor accommodation offers a further dividable multi-use meeting/function room, together with a kitchen/servery and bar, all adjoining a terrace affording a wonderful view of the Chilterns.

We ask all park users to bear with us during the build as the car park next to the Churchill Hall will be closed (the temporary buildings are housed in that car park) and obviously there will be some disruption around the construction going on in the park, but the results will be worth it – with a new modern accessible Community Centre being built for the village to use.  These ongoing works will mean that the main entrance to the park will be occasionally closed but Park View ( by the West Lodge Hotel) will be open when the main entrance is closed, and we will publish details of closures on both the website, and our Facebook page, along with updates and photos as the build progresses. 

While the build is ongoing, the café and all other facilities in the park will still be accessible, although some services are restricted due to the pandemic, so please do come and visit the park and see how we’re progressing with this exciting project!





Aston Clinton Parish Council is notifying the Community that it is applying to the Public Works Loan Board for a loan of £150,000 (over the term of 10 years) in order to facilitate cashflow/a temporary funding shortfall in relation to the building project for the new Community Centre. This has been made necessary as a result of a slight delay in receiving some of the grant funding due to Covid 19.

Figures are currently being worked on, but at this stage it is expected that the cost of this loan will be:

Current Interest Rate: 1.97%

Cost of Borrowing: £16,783

Total Repayment: £166,783

Please note that there are no plans to increase the Precept (part of the Council Tax that the Parish Council receives from residents) in relation to the repayment of this loan, as all repayments will be made from GRANT MONIES that have been allocated to the Council from Bucks Council S106 funds. If these funds come in on time, there will be no need to draw down on the loan. However if they do not, it is expected that the Parish Council will be able to make a full repayment of the loan within 1 or 2 years from inception (including interest payments) from the grant monies received.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Clerk to Aston Clinton Parish Council on 01296 631269 or [email protected]

August 2020.

Aston Clinton Parish Council New Community Centre