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Aston Clinton Neighbourhood Plan

The ACNP covers the period 2013-2033

The designated Neighbourhood Area covers the same area as the Aston Clinton Parish Council.

On 8 August 2018 it was agreed to ‘make’ the Aston Clinton Neighbourhood Plan, following a referendum where more than half of those voting voted in favour of the Plan.

The Aston Clinton Neighbourhood Plan is now part of AVDC’s Development Plan as set out in the ACNP Decision Statement.

What is the Aston Clinton Neighbourhood Plan

The Aston Clinton Neighbourhood Plan (ACNP) now forms part of the  development plan for the Aston Clinton Neighbourhood Area (covering the same area as the parish council) for the period 2013-2033.  The plan is now part of the adopted Development Plan, which planning applications in that area will be assessed against. The ACNP has policies which look to shape development rather than make allocations, it has a design and community facility focus, proposes a settlement boundary and also looks to designate eight areas of Local Green Space.

Aston Clinton Parish Council Aston Clinton Neighbourhood Plan